This Cat Always Hugs His Sleeping Baby Sister! (Cutest Ever!!) 320

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat as chill as milo, and its not like he is that way all the time like when he bats Teddys nose for misbehaving, but around mia, he’s a cucumber.Mia ticks all the boxes for Milo: close to his size, not a hyperactive puppy, and not a giant marshmallow.Mia has many furry friends who protect her and help her fall asleep. Here Milo looks so happy the way he is sleeping next to Mia. I love the way Milo pushes Mum’s Hand away and saying I m sleeping with Mia. You can leave now mum we are comfortable.Well, guess I can admit after this episode that Milo has become my favorite pet. I have never seen such a cat that is so chill. He was raised really well, but I hope Buddy and Teddy don’t annoy him too much The shot of the baby’s hand on Milo’s paw is precious! Milo really is the most chill cat I’ve ever seen. My cat’s purring always calms me & the kneading is like a massageSooo preciousss… Milo is the sweetest cute lil knight! Always there to protect Princess Mia. They look sooo fluffy sleeping together. Love it so much. Thanks for posting a Milo video I’m not gonna lie, I’m totally envious of Mia having the sweetest cuddliest Buddy ever, Milo is such a sweet cat, I love and adore him so much. TYFS, these two are so adorable, I loved this very much. I hope you have an amazing week, stay safe and blessed

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