Woman raised this cat like a dog. See how that turned out. 331

GeoBeats is a US-based media company focused on telling inspiring animal stories about animals from around the world. Our goal is to make people fall in love with them and promote compassion and kindness. On our channel, we feature exciting animal videos. You can watch funny cat videos, funny dog videos, cat and dog videos, animal stories, rescue animal videos, adopted animal videos and a lot more. Birdie is so adorable! He’s a sweet talker AND a bobtail. I’m a sucker for bobtails! Sorry about his accident though, poor little guy, but he sure is cute!  He chirps and trills like my late cat Baby. She was also a big talker; we’d have some good conversations. If you’d ask her something she’d answer you right back. Cats as special as these really leave a big hole in your heart once they’re gone but I’m thankful and grateful to have shared our six years together.He’s a gem of a cat. You’re blessed to have him.

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