Woman brings home a dog. But apparently he’d rather be human. 200

eddy’s eyes are really expressive. His facial expressions are quite human-like too. Such a lovely boy with a unique personality. His hooman mom is absolutely lucky to have him. After watching this video l only have one question. How is it even possible not to love this amazing doggie? Teddy…what a perfect name. And NOW he has the perfect mom, too. Teddy is a perfect name for him. He is so amazing. A weighted dog blanket might help him with anxiety. Thanks for sharing. He is definitely a character. Awe, he’s adorable!!! Thunder Shirt helps dogs and cats with anxiety during for instans thunder storms. 😊💚 Awww Teddy is lovely, he has so many traits that are just like my boy, (pitbull) so loving. I hope you have many wonderful years together 🥰🙏🏼He is just a Cutie pie!!! Enjoy each other!! Let the others cross the street, they don’t know what they are missing!! 🐶🙏♥️💫 Teddy is adorable! I would rather pet him & get to know him than cross the street. It’s a shame how some humans are. Wishing Teddy a long happy healthy life and for many more wonderful years together!!🤗💖🐾🌈

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