Woman adopts lonely baby squirrel. She returns the favor by chewing everything in house. 254

Woman sees a baby squirrel in her lawn. Then her life changes forever. This woman just put herself up as marriage material. Anyone with this kind of heart deserves a special someone. Best of luck in life where ever it may lead. The world needs more people like you. What a sweet little pet !! I owned an iguana, it doesn’t matter how few people have them as pets, she is your little baby! 🥰 Spring 2002 I read two squirrels a male & a female I called them bart & Lisa I successfully raised them back into the wild. The following year I seen a squirrel on the fence I called it the way I used to & the squirrel immediately looked up & came over but kept her distance as I’m sure it was Lisa. the funny thing is she was planting acorns in my plant pots which were near the door I often wondered if she was bringing me food🙂 I am feeding a small colony of squirrels. They keep clear of me, but a tiny bit less as the weeks go by. They are the “introduced” North American grey variety, often despised because they are bigger than the UK native red variety and have become the standard variety in most areas. Scottish red squirrels are holding out. Now I get to see grey squirrels a little closer up I can see they are beautiful animals. For me helping any animal survive Winter is very satisfying. More importantly, surviving Winter is even more satisfying for the animal… Please do not release adopted wild animals unless you are sure they have acquired their species’ survival and social skills. Some “cute” wild animals can reject harshly newcomers, particularly newcomers whose behaviour designates them as “different”. Killing any animal because it has experienced abuse or misfortune is despicable. Leaving them to die, lonely and neglected is terrible. Why some vets are so eager to euthanise puzzles me… I have raised quite a few squirrels that were blown out of their nest. And you are right, they are sweet and affectionate pets. They love to interact. They are sassy and demanding. I am an artist and I would take one of my squirrels to my studio with me every day and let her run free. She would get the squirrel Zumiez which was hilarious and jump up on my drawing table and fuss at me and run into her little bird house if anyone came in. Tremendous fun. I also had an uncle who lived on a farm and he always had a few squirrels that he was raising. It was such fun to go there and play with them.

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