Wiener Dog Obstacle Challenge! [Extended Version!] 259

The Wiener Dog Obstacle Challenge is a unique event that features obstacles specifically designed for dogs. Designed for two- and four-legged competitors, the obstacle course consists of 18 to 20 obstacles that the dog must navigate. Depending on the height of the dog, these obstacles can include an A-frame, a pause table, a bungee board, a tire jump, and weave poles. Each class has a different set of obstacles. The obstacles are low, and they are gradually raised to increasing heights. At this stage, the agility course is 8,000 square feet and the obstacles range in difficulty. The first obstacle is a tunnel, followed by a ladder, and the last obstacle is a double-bar jump. If the dog is unable to complete the course, its score will be reduced. The obstacles are designed to test the agility skills of the dog. In the excellent class, a dog will face 15-17 obstacles over the course. The minimum obstacle requirement is a triple-bar jump. The course is 8,000 square feet and features a variety of challenges for dogs of all ages. A high-scoring dog is guaranteed a win, and all dogs are encouraged to compete! When you’re ready, register for the Wiener Dog Obstacle Challenge. Competitions are based on a level of difficulty. Novice level dogs may run through two obstacles at a time, while Open level competitors can only run through one obstacle. Rejects reduce a dog’s score and eliminate the dog from the competition. However, the Advanced and Excellent levels allow only one refusal/run out, which is enough to disqualify a competitor. If you’re looking to train your dog for agility, sign up for the Wiener Dog Obstacle Challenge today.

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