When kitten Coco wants to be weighed for the first time…!lol 787

Tiny Coco tries to avoid being weighed by playing and hiding in the cat tunnel. He nicely fits into the weighing basket to be weighed but decides to tip out after he is finished 😍😍❤❤😻😻🌈🌈I can’t resist the cuteness of Coco. He is so innocent and looking very seriously at everything. He has to investigate anything he finds new. He inspected this scale more than once, but seeing that he still did not know whether it were a toy or something else he left it and went to play with the tunnel. He jumped and played then returned to see if he is going to find out what it really is for. Here he was finally helped by dad. In the basket he found his tail and started playing with it, there is no investigation he knows it. I enjoy so much watching him, it really makes my day. Thanks for this video.😺😺❤❤❤

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