What Minnie does at night 136,129

I fostered a cat who was having severe panic and behavioral issues in her previous home. I expected her to hide for the first few days at minimum, but I could have sworn something furry cuddled with me while I was half asleep that first night…h Tree years later, I’m a foster-failure, and she still thinks 3 AM is the best time for cuddles. 🥰 At no point in this video was Minnie willing to accept the fact that you were trying to enjoy a good night’s sleep😅This is exactly why I close my bedroom door at night. I’d love to cuddle with my cat but they’d screw up my sleep too much :(My parents had a house fire late at night a few years ago. The cat didn’t sleep with them, and they often kept the bedroom door closed. As smoke filled the rest of the house, she pawed and rattled the doorknob until my mom woke up and opened the door. Luckily there was a sliding glass door on the bedroom, and they were able to run out, because at that point the fire was out of control. The house was a total loss, the cat very likely saved their lives. She was scared away by all the commotion, but she stayed nearby and they found her safe the next day. Clear proof cats like us better when we are asleep 😂 and that they like to be more active at night. Minnie reminds me of my Oliver. And yes he is why I am tired😮Aww this made me laugh so hard!

They love us so much! My cat can be so annoying in the early morning crying for food as if she is starving. She used to jump

over me until I got up. Now she just meows annoyingly…

she eats plenty of food and even eats the other kittys food. Lol The way she stays on you when you rolled over is adorable, mine will usually launch himself like a rocket if I move at all and come back a few minutes later.It’s never boring to watch God’s creatures. I was smiling the whole timeHaha her entire night is spent trying to snuggle with her dad ♡♡😆

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