What if a black tomcat sleeping in the same bed and eating from the same bowl gets angry at a pitbull? 1,480


This made me smile from beginning to end inside and out  and the music went VERY well with it too Loved the cat claiming the pup from the big dog. Started licking it. And the girl teaching the cat to write. The cat’s expression was priceless. Watching all the animals together is so sweet, then came that patient kitty colouring with a toddler. Pets are amazing and wonderful. Thank you for this uplifting post. I smiled through this whole video. It was like a little oasis in the middle of a crazy world.One thing I’ve been noticing on animal clips is that families seem to choose mostly color coordinated dogs and cats. Esses vídeos são muito engraçados, top demais,curto todos. Parabéns aos seus produtores…Per fare pace !!!! C’est si mignon quand il pose sa patte sur la sienne… Trop joli  These creatures are cute and make anyone happy Wonderful, thank you for sharing! I like the little girl teaching the cat to draw. Oh my word!!! Too cute  and sweet . Thankyou for sharing this  happiness  These are the funniest I’ve seen. Had me on the floor. Ooh the cat in the reptile tank, sooo funny This video was beautiful Thank you for posting  It’s time to teach my cat how to color This is the cutest and the funniest one I’ve ever seen!!! GREAT JOB!!!!! Trop mignons, si les hommes pouvait s’entendre comme les animauxBen on rirait beaucoup plus  heureusement que l’on a nos peI love these animal videos, like these where they don’t get hurt, like the gentle scenes in this one.  I love the one where the cat looks like he’s saying ” Hi, I love you. ” and the dog goes ” Ass on your face. ”  The cat being helped to colour is like. I can do it myself. I’m an artist. How do I pick a favourite as they were all great, but if I had to it would be the dog sitting on the cats face! That one made me laugh out loud! I had a black tomcat and a pit bull that slept in the same bed and ate out of the same food bowl I wish I still had the videos of it they would be perfect for this

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