What does a German Shepherd do when He sees Me Sleeping 498

Treasure every moment of this. When they are gone, we can only WISH our sleep was interrupted. You’d give anything to be woken up again by them. He pokes you a little with his nose to see if you would like to wake up and give him some attention; he suspects that you are not really asleep. But then when you don’t get up, he decides to not bother you, and he lays down next to your feet- facing out, which is what dogs do, they watch the area near your feet- which you can’t see- and face away so that they can guard you. It’s instinctive in some breeds. He is watching over you. He is a good dog- I think he deserves a cookie. This is exactly how my mates German shepherd dog was like with me whenever I slept over at his place after a night out, she was very attentive like a mother would be. Obviously concerned, it shows they care  The hardest part of having a Dog is one day being forced to confront the moment where you have to eventually say Goodbye First he tries to see if ur really sleepin . Then looks around for a snack the finally snuggles up for some love  and comfort. Everything my fur babys do. He’s making sure you’re still alive and responsive after sun up. And he’s keeping an eye on you to make sure.  I love it when he sits next to you, watching for the slightest of movements from you. He’s a good looking dog! Omg so funny! My boy just sits and stares at me waiting for the moment to wake me up.  I think he knew you werent sleeping….lol also, i think he knew that you knew that he knew you werent sleeping hahaha, but he was playing along with it because he a good boy. I have a German Shepherd as well named rocky but he’s a puppy ur German Shepherd is very majestic  mine also is 6 months he’s black and tan tho Rocky is my boy, he is very gentle, he’s growing up…just love him  thoughtfully stayed by dad’s side, this is a b est friend and faithful companion.

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