What Do Kittens Do While You Sleep? 1,584

When a kitten sleeps on your body, that’s the best feeling ever. Especially when it purrs while doing so. ❤️🥰Sometimes i revisit Haru’s videos; and this is one of my favorites. Haru is really a very sweet kitty.You can see the sheer amount of love that kitten feels for you. He knows he’s safe in your arms and that with you he’s at home. God bless you for having just as much love to give backSame with my kitty. Started as a baby, and does this as an adult. Sometimes, I wake up, and he’s on my chest, his nose two inches from mine. So cute!!!!!! 😆💓🐈‍⬛🐾The licking before calming down is so accurate. My cat still does this every night. I love falling asleep to her purring.What a lovely kitten. He loves you 💕 After almost ten years my heart still melts every time my baby comes and lays next to my head, brings me back to those days he trusted me with his life. I am blessed to have him in mine ❤I’ll be so anxious of sleeping and probably strap myself to the bed if a smol furball starts sleeping beside me. Good for Haru, you sleep like a pillow 🥰I’m in tears over these videos —they are so beautiful— Haru looks my lil boy Honu that was with me for 14 years. I miss him every day. Thank you for these videos. Your cat family is amazing. You both are such loving people. ❤Tengo cuatro gatos: los padres y sus dos hijos… Los hijos tienen 3 años…. Son bastante grandes de tamaño… Se imaginan cómo se siente cuando los dos saltan encima de mi como proyectiles para despertarme y darles de comer? Casi me sacan el alma…

Si no me levanto a darles de comer uno de ellos se encarga de darme una serenata de maullidos, sino, me muerde la nariz o la mejilla con tal de que les de de comer…The moment you asked what the kitten would do when you were sleeping, I said to myself “The kitten will definitely get sucked in to his sleepy energy, and curl up against the warmth to sleep.” Kittens always end up sleeping when their parent goes to sleep, and it’s always so cute. Especially when they fall asleep in the middle of trying to play, lol..

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