We Can’t Believe This Happened With 4 Small Dogs… Why are people so cruel? 257

Gracias por haber rescatado a estos inocentes. Solo cuando se mira con el alma del corazón podemos tener estos actos de mesericordia. It is so unfortunate to know that there so many abandoned animals. But knowing that there are still people like you makes everything better  People who can do this to innocent creatures have no souls. Thank you for saving these innocent babies. Your compassion to helpless puppies are indescribable!!! Am I the only one who got sad when they all went different ways? I understand it’s hard for all four to go together to one place, but still. Glad they’re safe now. When she fed them after the bath they looked so happy and calm and strong and they have the cutest little fat tummies I loved seeing the new owners accepting their new babies! Especially the one who played a song on his guitar for him! So sweet! this is what I love about some people they still have feelings and heart for animals God bless you guys and all animals and the little pups  Graças a Deus mais quatro GROGUITOS LINDOS salvos  que Deus abençoe muito vcs que ajudaram esses bichinhos inocentes  já cliquei no joinha , o trabalho de vcs é muito legal  que bom que existem pessoas assim como vcs , Deus é GRANDE  Aww, those little faces.. those eyes. How could someone have the heart to just leave them like that. God bless you for saving them! They will make great companions. All the best dogs I ever head were rescues. The last one actually saved my life. Puggy, is up in dog heaven now, but mommy still loves and misses him very much. I was crying the whole video ,I don’t know how is it possible?they didn’t ask for this,but still they love us to the end of life.why are they so noble and sweet? And us… Son unas bellezas estos angelitos gracias por rescatarlo cuídalos muchísimo por favor y por favor si los vas a dar en adopción que sean buenas familias que los cuiden por favorr siii muchas graciaa

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