We adopted a cat! First 24 hours of settling in 616

It’s the very first day for this ginger boy in his new forever home. How will he adapt to a completely different environment?Wow I never seen a meow adapt so quickly to it’s environment. Welcome meow Cody to the family! He’s the luckiest meow in the world and it looks like he has a lot of love to give his new family.  This channel is dedicated to our legendary Alvi cat, who crossed the rainbow bridge on April 30th, 2021. If you like to know why he became so popular in such a short time, just watch one of his videos. I’m sorry to hear about Alvi. You gave him a great life. And I’m very happy to see that he sent Cody your way. Looks like Cody is adapting very quick. He’s making happy feet and purring and sleeping with you on the first day! He’s a cutie, wanna see more about his adoption process:how you found him and decided that he’s the one and only. We lost out beloved family cat 2 years ago, and my mom was absolutely devastated. He happily lived with us for 20 years, and she couldn’t imagine her life without him. She even said that she doesn’t want any pets anymore because it was too much for her. However, a year later or so, she found out in social media that there was this cat in our local shelter, she was part siamese part ragdoll or smth, and she was in such a horrible condition. Her previous owners weren’t people, but actual monsters, they’ve punched and beaten her and cut her with razor blades, it’s horrific, and I cry even thinking about it. So as soon as my mom saw that post her heart immediately ached for this poor bean, and she took her home. Now Bella is receiving all the love and care she was lacking all of her life, and my mom’s finally in peace. Animals are wonderful beings, we’re saving them, and then they’re saving us in return I’m glad that you gave a new cat a good home. Cody seems like a typical orange cat, quick to become part of the family and mild mannered. I’m sure that he realizes how much love is present in your household. Thank you for sharing. Alvi will always live in our hearts.

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