Vitaly R. met an orangutan during his Bali trip and his life changed 29,823

I worked at a zoo my whole life. The rule:never underestimate the intelligence of any animal,or overestimate the intelligence of your fellow humans. We got outsmarted and played on a regular basis.I like how it almost seemed like the orangutang was trying to find the right way to throw it without doing so aggressivelyI love how the animal catches things like it’s nothing. Just so gracefully.I was afraid he was going to hurl it at the guy at full force but he was trying to through just hard enough for him to reach it. Incredible display of intelligence.I like how the Orangutan held his hand up and looked around first, to make suretaht the Zookeeper wasn’t watching before he feed the visitor A fine trade, and an even finer display of control and conscious thought from an animal that’s 3x as strong as us, it knew “ aight this dude way smaller than any monkey I’ve ever seen so lemme dial back this throw a lil” and simply tossed it to him. Amazing creatures to respect and cherishThe way he opens his hand at the last second and one hand catches the items without even moving his head, what a legendThat is hilarious. He looks like he’s about to throw a fastball, then just gives it a beautiful toss😂I lived in a cabin one time where there was a big fat grey squirrel living in a tree outside the door, One morning I left a pile of animal cookies at the base. The next morning the cookies were gone and there were 3 nuts. I’ve fed a lot of squirrels, but they usually just take things without leaving anything. I had been talking to him earlier, so maybe it was more personal.I love how he waits see if any zookeepers are watching before he makes “the deal.” That’s one street smart orangutan lmao 🦧🍌 Let’s just think about how incredibly accurate this animal is. That’s a sign of abnormally high intelligence. To be able to guage distance and throw that accurately is a trait found uncommon in any ape besides humans.I love how he doesn’t move a muscle when catching thingsI love how he doesn’t move a muscle when catching thingsThat throw…. just enough on it reach the guy at a perfect height and distance is incredibly cool, nonchalant, confident and intelligent. Even if he had dropped the catch, the item would have safely landed on top of the wall…. it has factored in a possible human failure. Wow!This must be a great stress reliever 😍 😂

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