Two cat moms couldn’t split kittens | Who the cute kittens will stay with 4,615

They are sooo adorable  God blessed all of them. And thank you to everyone that have a golden heart to love and care for all those angels!! Joanna has very strong motherly instincts and takes care of Lima’s kittens like her own. They can both care for the kittens. At the end they stayed with Joanna, I guess her milk is the yummiest. Joanna is the super caring mama  God always bless her and her sweet heart  little babies  I miss seeing Blackie. I especially love the episode when Blackie was so content laying close to Joanna while the other kittens were feeding. Beautiful.Aw Joanna and Lima are fabulous mums to the little ones, I loved Lima and the ginger kitten having a little kitty kiss  the babies are beautiful and both Lima and Joanna are so caring to them

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