Truly Scrumptious Ragdoll Kittens playing in the sun 706

Angel and Tiffanys 2-3week old kittens having some outside time in the sun, joined by Lou Lou and Azura who are their 10 week old sisters from Sapphire. Meanwhile Sky, the dady of them all, lazes on the deck, showing off all his ‘hard work’ with a big yawn! 🙂
They’re all so beautiful, Ramses too. So happy their eyes were healed. We had a cat who was rescued and lost his eyes because of disease. He’s fine now, of course he’s blind, but he gets around as easily as these kittens do. I would have loved to adopt Masha, love her colors. So glad she found a good home, as the boys did too. Thank you for caring enough about them to go out and get them and bring them for medical care. Can’t say that enough. You did good, very good. Hugs.

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