Tiny Kittens Wake Up Golden Retriever Puppy in Dog Bed 777

The pets in this family seem to play into the camera the way they look straight into it and strike such adorable poses. Oh that can’t be anymore precious then that, makes my mornings bearable If Bailey saw them on his bed, they would have to go. Lol Little Butterscotch Cream really wants puppy to get up and play. They’re so dang precious ! It melts my heart! This is absolutely adorable!!That kitten looks a lot like my old cat Waffle! I hope that little one lives a long time I want all these cuties on my bed! It would make me chilling out before I sleep even better  Love how in the very beginning the pooch is TRYING to stay asleep but its cat cousins want it to wake up and play! Look for the last week watching the puppy and kitties have made me smile more than I usually do this is serotonin The dog is remarkably calm considering he’s surrounded and outnumbered by apex predators

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