Tiny chihuahua puppy adorably teases sleepy American bulldog 1,049

These older dogs remind me of grandparents. Too old to have that much energy but still young enough to interact. ❤❤❤Such a sweet and gentle dog 🐶 love how he’s being ever so gentle with the tiny one :)So sweet. I can almost imagine the big dog thinking: “Meh, this is no big deal. We were all young once.” ❤Se puede ser más bueno el grandullón y el pequeño q pensará q es su madre,son preciosos 💝It always amazed me, how a large strong animal, understands the concept of “being gentle”. And that little guy, with the bell… come, on. Just adorable!! 💜The big dog is such a good boy! The puppy is adorable as well, but the big dog is so cute so lovable. And the little Chihuahua knows exactly where to get him, his legs, his tail! 😂❤Such a good sibling..I love how gentle he is with the tiny puppy. Just so adorable..love the bell collar🥰The little dog attacking the big dog looks so cute and pretty. I wish I had a child like this next to me. I’ll be able to smile at her every day.🤩🥰How Precious!! He’s tired but yet he plays so gently with his little fur sibling!! They both are ADORABLE!!😍😍💞💞This video sure brought a smile to my face!! So stinkin adorable. The bulldogs paw is almost as big as the pup and yet he was so careful with it. Thanks

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