This is the love story of Luna and Nip C. Luna – an intelligent, loyal and extremely adorable German Shepherd dog. Nip C – a small, innocent and beautiful kitten. A sweet love story started when kitty came 1,478

That dog is so laid back. And obviously in love with the kitten 😂 This is the first video I watched today and already my day is much brighter thanks to these two best buds! I will never get tired of big lunky dogs and tiny kittens 🥰 Thank you for making me smile today Luna & Nip C❤❤ Luna and, Nip C are so precious together. 🐈‍⬛🐕❤❣This is going to be a friendship for a lifetime. My tabby cannot stand being away from my GSD and cries pitifully when they’re separated. He walks under his GSD’s legs across the room and it’s hysterical to watch them together. Thank you for sharing such happiness to the world. What a Beautiful Love Story ❤️ Totally captivated until the very last scene; having them unleashed walking down a trafficked street seems like an invitation to disaster, especially for the cat who could dart out into the roadway, which would be a very catlike thing to do. Just my thought. They are adorable together. Luna and Nip C. are so unbelievable cute, adorable and beautiful and so lovely together. My heart is melting from so much cuteness. Send love and kisses to both and wish them all the best, all the luck and many happy years together full with joy and love. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful and cute Video 🤗🤗❤️❤️🐈🐕🍀👍😘🥰😍💕💕😻🐶🙏🙏. We had a shepherd and a long-haired tabby that grew up together with us as kids. They were closer than I was with my sister. When Duke (dog) got old, Chloe (cat) would lie on his hips to keep them warm. When he finally passed, she went into a deep depression, refused to eat, got cancer and passed too. Love knows no bounds.

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