This is not a story, it’s fact. A cat born with one eye. I hold on to life 383

You gotta love people who would think outside the box and name their cat Plop. I love uncommon names for pets. You also know that they really love animals for them to adopt a stray cat, letting her give birth inside, and even keeping one of her kittens which happens to be what i like to call “beautifully unique!” A true cat lover will adopt a cat regardless of appearance or personality! And Peanuts’ one eye and snaggletooth give her a look of being wise beyond her years. She’s such a beautiful cat.What a sweetie, Peanut is adorable! Her unique features make her even more cute and true beauty comes from inside. Thanks for adopting her and sharing this story. I hope it inspires more people to adopt a cat like Peanut. 💖😻🐾🐈🥜❤️This is so heart warming to see here. More people should take heed to this. Thank you for all the post my friend.I would love the cat forever!! Just because she is different Doesn’t mean you should treat her differently Love you kitty 🐱I just wanted to let you know that I love this story. It’s charming and heartwarming.

Kudos to you for posting.😸👍😇☮️ We all love sweetheart ❤️❤️❤️Hello baby girl. You are beautifully unique. Lots of love from us and our two adopted fur babies.It is nice to know there are tender hearted people is this world to make a beautiful home for the cute and happy kitty.Thank you for sharing your story and giving God’s little creature a beautiful home! I just adopted a 6 mos old who lost an eye to infection. We are getting adjusted!She’s got that Popeye The Sailor Man wink. 😆

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