This is a story about a very unusual animal. The little fox went to the people, looking for help. It’s nice that he went to good people and it’s good that we managed to get him on time. Everything ended well. 3,543

I saw you for the first time. What a golden heart you have. With what love and kindness you treated the fox. It’s a miracle that not everything is lost in our world, an example of this is your kindness and mercy. God bless you and your loved ones for many years to come well-being in everything. All the best! Thank you for the wonderful video. And the fox a successful continuation of life! Someone is busy with business, and someone is pouring dirt while sitting on the couch … Oleg, I like your channel, your sincerity and your work to save the lives of such different animals. Health to you, prosperity. And to such poisonous critics – one day the poison can poison them themselves …God! what a cute little fox!!! he cooing! tells Oleg what happened to him!!!! thanks Oleg for another rescued baby  this is a MIRACLE!!!! And the truth is to tears, thank you so much for protecting such kids and all animals from the cruelties that unfortunately exist in our world, but thanks to people like you, fortunately there are less and less of them, proving that there is goodness and justice in the world, you are like an angel keeper for our smaller brothers and sisters) God grant you good health and only the best and brightest, long and happy life, like all the animals that you saved! Oh what a wonderful baby fox! What a tiny miracle YOU saved Oleg. He is extraordinary! And how he tells what he had to endure, and how he thanks YOU for saving . Milota!!! I had no idea that foxes were so sociable! May God give you health and only joy, be happy every day Good Man!!!

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