This dog is an Einstein wannabe. She’s also hilarious. 243

The communication buttons had me laughing so hard, especially when the no button was used! Awesome way to train a Dog. It’s interesting how everybody is commenting about how amazing the dog is when in reality this speaks more about the dedication, hundreds of hours of training and love from the owner than anything else! ❤Such a pretty doggie and definitely the smartest doggie I’ve ever seen! You and Lola make a perfect pair!! Lots of love and attention, she definitely deserves many treats, the running away at the word bath made me crack up laughing 😂 so happy you have each other and that Lola and her siblings all got loving homes, that’s what every pet deserves!! God bless!”””””””””‘xxx””””””” Lola is adorable and so smart. She obviously adores you as much as you adore her. So sweet!

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