These two cute thrushes are Very Good Friends If you love animals, this option is for you. 9,280

There isn’t any thing more kool than Dogs and Cats being pals.  The brown and white dog, Baldur 4:53, laying in front of the door looked emaciated. The cat on the porch is like, “Did that puppy just kick its own ass?” WOW I WOULD NEVER HAVE GUESSED WHERE TO LOOK WITHOUT THE RED CIRCLES! THANK YOU SO MUCH KIND PERSON THAT YOU HAD TO SLOW DOWN THE VIDEO AND PUT A RED CIRCLE ON EVERY CLIP!!! AMAZING EDITING BRO! Dog and cat very wonderful and very nice and very happy What is it? This is love! That was a small crate for a good size dog.  I don’t think it’s funny that these people keep letting these dogs that are harassing the cats over and over again just for views. It’s not right.

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