There is a kitten named Sprite in this video. He is very cute and playful. Maybe it’s time to play with your dad’s tail and paws? William didn’t like the idea. Sprite was born on December 27, 20211 Breed – British Shorthair with a rare golden color. 391

Lots of love, hugs and kisses to the mother cat and the cutiepie kitten  What a beautiful sweet furball. What’s the breed of these babies? Love i couldnt stop making kiss noises at the kitten. too cute! when i see kittens im like UwU, u so cute! i love this awh they are so adorable and i adore them Once upon a time there was one cutest kitten…  Kitty cat has the most beautiful lovely eyes i have ever seen. She is SO Adorable. Made my day really. These sweet critters brightened my day…lovely. The way that Sprite is slightly boss-eyed just makes it cuter!  Irina I hope you and your family and the kitties are safe…stay strong…pray for you  This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, I’m animal lover but due to my allergies I can’t come around them 

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