Then and Now. Dachshund from puppy to adult. 349

When considering how to train your Dachshund from puppy to adult, consider the following guidelines. Keep in mind that your dog’s size may fluctuate, especially in the face, chest, and legs, so regular exams are important. In addition, make sure to keep your pup’s eyes and ears clean and clear. While this breed is generally friendly with children, be aware that it may not enjoy playtime with your child’s friends. When introducing a new dietary regimen, be aware of what the Dachshund’s digestive system is used to. A gradual transition to an adult-grade food is best, so it’s important to be patient. For example, you should introduce a smaller amount of puppy food at each meal time, and gradually decrease the amount until your dog only eats adult-quality food. You’ll want to start small and slowly, and then slowly decrease the amount of puppy food, until your pet only eats the new adult diet. You’ll want to keep an eye on your puppy’s weight. The Dachshund is a small dog, so you should not worry about it being too large. You can track its weight and growth with a Dachshund height and weight chart. Fortunately, these charts are easy to follow, and you can easily check your dog’s weight and height. You’ll be surprised by how quickly your new dog will grow.

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