The world’s kindest kitten has fun taking chicks outdoors to find food. cute animal videos😽🐥 866

I like the scene while Cat sometimes stop to “check and count” her children if they are still enough or not 😄The fact that she turned to her back and waited for the chicks when walking prove she a good cat 😽💞🐤God Bless 😘 this cat 🐈 Waiting for the chicks 🐤 to catch up and and stopping to make sure that everyone is OK 🥰😘They follow the cat just as if it were the mother hen. How cute ! 🥰The cat literally adopted the chicks. ❤️❤️❤️ 6Very cute.. a perfect day to get out, breathe fresh air.. cool a little overcast . The kittens is pantyng..maybe thirsty. In months they will be chickens. I wonder how many males and females in the brood.The cat is either very hot or stressed, it is protecting the chicks no doubt 👍The most precious things in life are the simple things.The beautiful cat keeps checking if the 20 chicks are all accounted for along the way ; and no gets lost or left behind 😊😊😊😊❤❤ .Wow I am continually amazed at this most amazing cat.❤

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