The Persian cat who lost her vision after suffering neglect while living at a pet store 557

She deserves to be happy and loved 🌹Just beautiful. She must love her forever home! I would have adopted her in a second! 💕Lindo perdeu os olhos por negligência tadinho. Angel ❤️🐈amor amor amor ❤️ Beautiful, also I found a blind kitty and his name is polar bear. I love him, thank you for taking care off mieAbsolutely awesome and beautiful to see she’s living her best life possible with a wonderful owner thanks for sharing your beautiful story They best not be a pet store anymore after this abuse. No more animals to them.THE PEOPLE AT THE PET STORE HOW CRUEL, WHY COULD NOT THEY TAKE CARE OF MOET, BEFORE IT WAS TOO LATE. GOD BLESS EMILY FOR TAKING THIS SWEET CAT IN.Thanks 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 for adopting her. Please take care of her. May Allah bless you.Ive just watched the video of moet she is adorable she must give you a lot of enjoyment, what a beautiful cat she is.Please take care of her but properly this time

She deserves the love!

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