The mother comes with the kitten and asks for help 2,044

Thank you to the subscribers who found this video, and those who have seen the video for the first time have many questions about Ha-sun’s harness, so I’m answering as a subscriber. Adoré a esa Madre  y a sus  No es hermoso ver la dedicación que le prestó a cada uno después del cambio de lugar ?? Maravilloso momento !!! Gracias. It’s funny how the second she gets all her kittens together, checks for any left behind, and then comes back, they are all suddenly hungrier than they have ever been. such a good mom. She made one last trip to make sure she got them all. Cats are phenomenal mothers. I love how she gave each one a bit of attention before going back for the next baby  I was relieved when she went back to make sure she didn’t leave anyone behind. Her doing that brought a lump to my throat. So emotional. I love how she licks and comforts each kitten after she carries them to their new nest ! And double checks to make sure she has them all – before settling down She’s a terrific mom, I love how she went back out to the shed to make sure she didn’t leave any of her kittens behind! The person who kept letting her into and out of the house time after time was pretty terrific too.  Really enjoyed this. This mommy is a particularly good mother. Pretty girl, too, and VERY healthy looking. Beautiful, clear, healthy looking eyes and fur. Somebody who obviously loves her has been taking great care of her. Thank you !

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