The Mother Cat plays with tiny Pinky So funny 955

They are super super cute! Pinky is such an adorable little angel And it is always wonderful and heartwarming to see pets being loved and looked after in the best possible way
how Pinky grows  and to think that a few days ago I had my eyes closed and now look how he plays, meows and runs, everything is happy, it’s beautiful
Playtime, time to have fun! Pinky seems to have discovered the lamps in the ceiling and finds the light very interesting. Maybe they need a little sleep before starting over again.
Mommy can’t get enough of her baby, Pinky!! She absolutely delights in her!!  How is Pinky doing? Is her crawling and walking normal for her age? Her back legs look a little splayed out. Is that normal or am I just seeing things. Just want to be sure she’s progressing normally and there isn’t something holding her back from progressing like some sort of back leg hip/leg/displasia or something. Me being a worry wort! Lol! Because this little Pinky is the cutest baby EVAH!!

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