The mother cat adopted the monkey Susie and was raised with her kittens. The mother cat loves to drink water with her paw and decides to teach her kittens to drink as well. Susie tried to learn how to get food from the automatic feeder and then joined the kittens 339

Suzi is so sweet about the kittens playing with her tail! Beautiful moments everyone is looking so cute and precious  especially when mother cat  is teaching her kittens how to drink water one kitten is playing with Susie tail look adorable Very cute. I love it very much. Thanks.

Since dogs have been living with humans for a long time, they are said to be able to read our emotions. Many dog owners may have some idea of what they are feeling, such as going to the side of someone who is sad and comforting them with a lick, or wagging their tails vigorously when they are happy. Dogs have excellent senses and cognitive abilities, and can distinguish the slightest sounds of breathing, heartbeats, and tone of voice, and respond to human emotions I love the mother cat

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