The Moment I Knew My Dog Loved Our Baby 198

Can’t believe I caught this sweet moment between our dog and baby on camera. Our dog Haru loves to protect her human newborn baby, but today she showed that she really loves her in the sweetest moment between a baby and a dog. Watch today’s video to see how our loyal dog protects her human baby sister and shows that she loves her! Not all Guardian Angels have wings. Some have fur, too.” Bless you Sienna & Haru, both.🐶❤️🧔This actually brought tears to my eyes.This right here is the way the whole world needs to be.As humans we can all learn from the unconditional love that dogs give to us! Haru is sooo special❤I have never seen a doggo with so much love and Sienna is the cutest little tater tot❣Happy Birthday sweet Haru May 14th🎉🥳🥰💝🥰 This is just sooooo adorable. Haru’s maternal instincts coming out and making sure Sienna is safe at all times. My heart is melting 🥰🥰 We all need a Haru in our lives! She is so incredibly sweet and gentle and now, with Sienna, even more so. I wish I could just pop through the screen and give that little pooch a huge hug!💖💖💖 Haru’s motherly instincts if taking over that’s so sweet She’s going to go up with a perfect watch dogs They are going to be best friend Much love to all ❤️ If there is any doubt that dogs can love their humans, let this video be proof that they do. One day, when Griffin and Haru are no longer with us, Sienna will be able to see proof of this and hopefully laugh at their silly antics and realize what a privilege it was to have them as her protectors. ☺️🥰 Just when I thought I couldn’t love Haru any more than I do now…so sweet and I love Sienna’s headgear! She’s a little fashionista 🙂👍♥️ Haru has always been sweet, but her loving motherly instinct that could not be fulfilled on her own, she is now able to “baby” her baby sister! 🙏🏻 What a blessing to have that closeness between Sienna & Haru. 😘💕💞 Aww, Haru is just the sweetest little girl, just wait when they’re all running around together, I can’t wait for those videos, best friends for life, a lovely little video, thank you for posting.🥺💞 What a beautiful video of the two loving sisters. Haru will always be loving and protective of Sienna. As Sienna gets older the will see how lucky she has been to have an older sister. The two of you are so adorable.!!!🤩❤💯 I love Haru so much and my love for her grows exponentially as I see how caring, loving, and sweet she is to her sister Sienna. BTW. I love Sienna’s little turban! 🐾💕🍼💓💞🐶🐾💟🍼💤

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