The kitten is so awesome that he tamed a group of ducklings!The duckling has grown up again 1,256

can never get enough of this beautiful sweet cat with those ducks, absolutely so adorable keep them coming and tysvm for sharing these darling animals, it makes my day. I do have to say that is one patient cat letting those duckies poke at herLove how he waited to see if there were any stragglers.😊I love how these ducklings imprinted on their feline mother. It’s adorable. Even more adorable how ducklings follow their mom in a single file line 🐈 ❤🐥Twoje filmy są piękne i wzruszające. Pokazują jak bardzo mądre są zwierzęta. Twoje są szczęśliwe, a ile jest takich które cierpią przez człowieka…Pozdrawiam Cię gorąco!!!The first thing a newly hatched baby duck sees is their mommy. Cute They will follow them forever That was the smile I needed today. Thank you so much!❤❤❤. 🦆 🐈What a gorgeous patience cat, those ducklings obviously love her and are gorgeous to ❤❤❤❤❤The cat’s eyes are so alert and intelligent…The ducklings, and even their mother, perceive the cat as a father. They all obediently and trustfully follow the furry feline… Amazing friendship between different species. An example for humans to follow. We can’t even agree on religions. Each one has a “Holier than thou” attitude”. I wish our government were as caring and responsible as this wonderful cat.The ducks look like they’re smiling ❤ I know I am.😊Oby wszyscy na świecie o siebie nawzajem dbali i kochali się dla działań zbrojnych nie byłoby miejsca ❤🇵🇱👭🐶🙀🦆🙊🌹⚡😄

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