The kitten actually took the mother duck and ducklings for a run outdoors. So cute and funny! 1,097

Taki widok to balsam dla serca i oczu. 🐍🐍🐍🐍This is so adorable! A cat taking a mommy duck out for a walk with her baby ducks. So sweet and unbelievable at same time.Hi Thanks, this duck and cat family are so very precious. It makes my day every time I see a new video of them out walking together. Little darlings !I love the way Kitty waits and rests to give the duckies a chance ♥︎♡♡♥︎First time we are seeing a real mother duck takin’ on natural adventure with a golden kitten ❤! I can’t believe this. I absolutely love it! They’re all so precious! Now kitty doesn’t know how to get them to stop following. Are they all “imprinted” on the cat, think it’s their mother? ❤I love how the cat stops and turns around to make sure they are all there, or just pauses for a moment so they catch up. the other videos are great too and this cat is incredible and the calmest and most patient cat in the worldIt’s nice unwind and be off from stress ❤This is absolutely so precious and darling, ty for sharing one of the sweetest things on the planet, gotta love the way the kitten looks behind to make sure the ducks are still following and lined up and mama is their rear guard, then it is just so cute the way kitty gets off grass to go on concrete road and babies follow, just so adorable. You just can’t make this stuff up. This cat is breathtakingly gorgeous too. Have to admit this was a good start to my morning. Ty for knowing how to bring joy into our dayI think there’s a lot of significance in the mama having walked behind. Mama ducks lead their babies, so for this mama duck to allow a cat to lead her babies is a big sign of trust, and shows how amazing nature can be for this level of trust between two creatures who are usually enemies by nature!

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