The hospital cat asked to go into a patient room… Later, the whole world got to hear this story… 327

Most people in our modern world would probably like to know at least a little bit about their future, about how their life would turn out. Will they be rich? Will they be poor? Will they meet the love of their life? Or will they make the wrong choice? This cat was born for this purpose. To comfort those who will depart this life. Some cats can sense when something is off or if a person is ill. God bless his heart. I read Dr Dosa’s book, “Doing the Rounds With Oscar” a few years ago, which I highly recommend. At age 15, Oscar himself is possibly nearing the end of his own life – I sincerely hope someone will repay him in kind for all his good work and stay with him when his time comes – he has certainly earned it. He’s an earth angel in feline form, and a beautiful, incredible miracle of nature. When I was very sick with Covid my cat insisted on being in my room constantly. Initially when it began she came & sniffed me & then would insist on laying next to me between my head and my chest. I was coughing quite a bit & it hurt to take a breath. I’d had pneumonia before so i knew thats where this was headed. I was going to the ER in the morning becuz I couldn’t take the pain anymore & was afraid I wouldn’t be able to breathe & would die. I prayed & prayed & she insisted on being right there all the while quietly purring curled up next to my chest. The next morning when i woke the pain & pressure was gone- I could breathe freely again! She still came in and checked on me but roamed around the house now. Still to this day when I’m not feeling well or am sad etc, she knows somehow and will come running up to me, sniff me & nudge me with her chin and her head trying to lift my spirits, remind me that it’s going to be ok, that im not alone in this The last few weeks while my mother was dying, a cat that lived at the nursing home came every day and spent most of the day on her bed. The last two days of my mom’s life the cat left her bed only to do his “business” then came right back to lay with her. The morning my mom passed, the cat stayed on the bed until I arrived and then left. The caregivers said the cat had even doing that with patients who were dying ever since it was a kitten. It was a wonderful, if unusual, comfort for us, knowing that a warm body was there for my mother especially during the night when we could not be there. Amazing creatures, cats. We thank the Lord for them. I would love to have a heads up on when I was going to leave this body of mine…I was truly moved by the look in this cat’s eyes. I believe that when the body is shutting down, a chemical is given off and animals (not just cats), can smell it. Dogs are known to be able to detect bone cancer and seizures and all kinds of things. They really need to be used for more medical fields. God created them to have this special ability for a reason…we just got away from it for some reason. Our Schnauzer would snuggle up to my husband before he would have a seizure, so I know first hand that it’s true…not for every animal…but I think that God somehow allowed this cat to be where it was for a specific reason…and the fact that people were comfortable knowing the end was near, makes it a joyful story…no one should be afraid of death…this mortal life is temporal…and the only reason we’re here, is to make the decision about where we’ll be spending eternity…that’s through Jesus Christ. Few years back i went into heavy depression and one day I could not take anymore so I quietly sneaked up to the terrace with the thought of jumping. The 4th floor is unoccupied and no one ever goes when i was going to climb on the edge I heard a strange sound, my cat was running on the stairs n meowing in a very strange voice. He ran to me, kept making that strange sound and at same time pushing against my legs forcefully with his head. He did not leave till i came in the house again. I knew he came to save me that day. Where my family failed to see what i was going through my cat was there to understand and comfort me Cats just have extraordinary senses. I had a cat that had the same coloring and marks like Oscar. She was brilliant. I had other cats that did not compare to her senses. My daughter’s cat, who does not like to be held at all, never the type to be social did something interesting. My daughter was teaching a class when she became very ill. She called me and asked me to pick her up; she was not able to drive her car. When I brought her home, I helped her into bed. Her cat immediately came upstairs, jumped on her bed, carefully and slowly walked up to her face, sniffed her all over, reached out his front paw to touch her face softly, then rested by her side. At that point, she had that cat six years. He never ever layed in her bed, or on her. He never liked being patted, either. So he knew something.

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