The Funniest Workout with the Golden Retriever! 290

This is just a sign of how happy and well taken care of Bailey is. He’s just soooo free! This is hilarious and cute. The “work out” position the humans started in the beginning is the submissive “greeting” and “let’s play” for dogs. The dog was doing it too(bowing or curtsey)in the beginning. So cute! He is as frisky and energetic as a young puppy. He got the most excercises and we all got some laugh therapy Bailey is a riot thank you so much for sharing I needed some smiles today and there’s nothing better than a big beautiful golden retriever having fun and playing with his parents on the floor!!! Course it doesn’t allow you to do much yoga but everybody sure had fun!!! THIS is a prime example of why I LOVE dogs SO much! Thank you for a great video that illustrates the pure joy of a dog who is playing with their humans! Thank you for sharing Bailey and his pals with us. They are all a riot!!! Can’t help but smile and laugh!!!! Bless you all. I’ve just found this, hilarious! Our black Labrador used to join us in our outdoor pool, splashing about and causing havoc bless her. Thanks for this it put a smile on my face when I needed it. Who needs to exercise when they have such an adorable dog like this one to play with esse moço é muito amoroso com cães DEUS ILUMINE SEMPRE ESTE MOÇO!  Bailey!! Lol  He is hilarious!! What a great dog!!! You know he’s the only one getting a workout her  lo que me he podido reír con Bailey, al final se ha salido con la suya y os ha echado de las colchonetas de gimnasia, es un trasto, pero adorable. Que bien os lo tenéis que pasar.  LINDO! Vocês que querem fazer o exercício todo certinho DUVIDO que estejam tão felizes quando o doguinho! ADOREI!

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