The farmer found the abandoned puppies, they turned out to cost a fortune. 695

Once, next to his barn, a farmer discovered absolutely tiny, still blind kittens. All of them were, as if by choice, of the same color, fluffy, but so small that the farmer decided that these were the most ordinary kittens, whose mother had burrowed near the man’s dwelling, and then for some reason left them. So the man took the cubs home. I’ve always felt that humans have been blessed with animals who seek people out and are loved and given love by them. This video made it clear that while the manuls may act like kittens when young, their true nature asserts itself when they grow up. These are naturally wild animals who should be wild as their instinct tells them to be. Thank you for the heartwarming video! These stunning wild cats were very fortunate to have survived, seems some human intervention nearly killed them by releasing them into the wild far too early, but common sense prevailed and they were introduced to their new habitat gradually!! Yes….I agree…..they needed temporary protection and watching until the time was right for them to be released safely and carefully into their natural habitat….they truly are beautiful awesome animals!!🙏🏻💙 Very beautiful and exotic looking kitties, I have never seen any like them before. God bless all of the kitties and those that saved them.❣️🙏😇🤗🐈🐈🥰❣️❣️❣️❣️🙏

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