The best Fours dogs training soldiers information 15

Greetings from Lithuania!Very cute and smart your puppiess!Very interesting to watch them!Thank you from the heart!Stay safe!
Omg, lol, the Fabulous Four is so fabulously cute! I was falling asleep and this woke me up. Eva and Cutie looked as if they were going to shoot somebody. I can‘’t get over this video. Well done, General Mami! It really is cute entertainment at its cutest. Love you Fab. Four.
Very cute, & intelligent, expert, sincere, puppies. It is awsome. Thank u madam. Human child will not be sincere at this age. They r very eager to carry out ur orders. They learning & performing skillful. So nice to see.
LMAO!! That was so funny.! Princess Eva didn’t know that now she’s going to enlisted to be a soldier like everyone else, when war time arises and all boys and girls are needed, to sacrifice for your country!! no exceptions! . Poor little CJ, he can be the security guard because he needs the gun to protect himself from danger! LOL he’s too slow and weak, I afraid the enemies might kill him first before he can kill them LOL I love those snipers , lucky and his comrade, Cutie! They are very good with the sniper training! While princess Eva and Security guard, CJ , were watching the troops with Machine guns at the gate. CJ couldn’t see the road cuz he’s too short but afraids the enemies might drop the B54 bombs over his head so he was speeding like crazy! That’s why Eva was holding her handsome husband’s hat so It won’t fly out into the muddy road! What a caring wife she is! I’m glad they’re doing their last minute training because if people don’t obey the lockdown in Canada, they would have to be deployed into the cities to control the people to stay inside their homes to protect themselves from getting and spreading the coronavirus like wild  ! ! good job soldiers: special operation forces, lucky and cutie and the security guards CJ and Eva. I think everybody should feel safe now to have such a well trained and strong army waiting to be deployed at any moment’s notice! Sergeant Mommy did a good job with training your soldiers and don’t forget our behind the scene brave journalist Daddy who is the eyewitness news reporter during peacetime and during this wartime against the Coronavirus enemies attack!!!

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