The adopted kitten meets other kittens Willie and Coco and their mother, a cat. 193

Sweet kitties! Love you so much Aww poor baby can’t drink milk, the other kittens are blocking her way. Give all these sweet babies a zillion views, love them all so much all of these babies r so precious !!!!! Kira is a really very cute  and the others are cute too…  Adopted kitten is just so cute and lovely Thank you for this extremely beautiful video. The mom cat is very good natured.Hey we Hve a new member of the family guys, let’s Hve some fun ok! It’s play time. Nice video the more the merrier . more love. One big happy family. God bless them all They’re little sweethearts  Every Kitten grows up. The name is the ‘Kitten’ channel, but as all the cats now started at Kitten, I hope this channel shows their lives throughout. The playlist is already classified. It’s strange to have Street on the Puppy channel.They are so cute, lovely angels. I love cats and those who love them Every day I try to do something for the cats, feed the stray cats, find new homes for them and neuter them.I dream of a world where stray cats will live happily.I will spread this all over the world

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