Stray Kitten Crying For Help Under a Car Was Adopted By a Woman 665

A Reddit user shared a touching story that happened six months ago. That’s when their family got a little red-haired kitten with very sad eyes. Aww, I hope that dear sweet Rufus has many long and happy years in his loving forever home 😻❤ Good name for a cat, “Rufus”. The first picture in the video was a heart breaker ❤️. Those whiskers!💓 Thank you so much for adopting him. But please be cautious when it comes to mating. Many times I had a male cat and always missing during mating period. Male cats often explore outside their home when they r old enough n sometime return in a long while. My cat went missing for 2 years n he came back just to say goodbye. 2 weeks later he passed😭

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