Stray Dog Was Freezing To Death And We Couldn’t Leave Him 274

I love how you guys help all of these animals if you have a donation site I would definitely donate but if you don’t that could be a suggestion, love you guys!It is all the time that poor, homeless people and pets freeze to death in the city streets of Seattle and Montreal just like this. We can’t allow such sad things to happen. Thanks for being a hero here!Seeing an animal abandon all instincts just because they’re starving and accept food is absolutely heartbreaking. They don’t care why, but they’re getting fed. No animal should ever feel like that. Humans included.“We’re not just making people happy, we’re saving animals” never gets oldThis world needs more good people like you, thank you for saving that dog  I saw this video at last 5 times already and I never get tired of watching this video, it’s so full of kindness towards animals and that is what is the best thing to seeThe fact the dog was shivering when he was in front of the heater means he was hypothermic. He wasn’t shivering in the freezing cold because his body had given up and he was dying. Thank you for saving his life.Thank you so much for saving this poor pup! The world needs more kind-hearted people like you 🙏🏻This is what we need more people like you!Thank you for saving his life!Thank you so much for saving this little doggo! May God bless you You’re such a kind person You bring me hope in the community and that’s A LOT you did What you guys are doing to these animals, is amazing. most people would just leave these poor animals on the street to die. The fact that you guys care, is truly heartbreaking. Never stop this because you guys care.Thank you so much for saving this beautiful dog. Your hearts are so generous! Bless you both. Watching you help all these poor abandoned animals really does give me hope for humanity. The world may not be a great place right now, but it’s people like you that are like a light in the darkness.Having Dessy there with him while he slept probably helped him mentally, I can picture him crying in his sleep from nightmares of still being in the cold and snow, but then waking up in that nice warm spot with Dessy next to him comforting him. Poor little guy. I’m glad he has a good home now.

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