SmartDog is better before sleep than SmartPhone [Cuteness Overload] 185

When I was crying because I was sad, my dog looked at me worriedly. There are many people who have had this experience. Dogs are always watching their owner’s expression and condition, so if you are less energetic and depressed than usual, they may sense something is wrong and gently snuggle up to you without saying a word. Some dogs will even look at you with concern, cooing and cooing, or lick your tears to comfort you. If your dog cheers you up when you are depressed, you will feel relieved and regain your energy immediately.O amor é transformador. Um pastor alemão ficar calmo desse jeito. Só com muito amor. Amo pastor alemão meu sonho de criança ter um. Quem sabe um dia.rocky rocks!!! love you rocky… you’re so sweet looking laying on your daddy you are loving and enjoying your daddy’s dandles so much…the video is so loving and so sweet you all…god bless you all always with every happiness, love and safe hands

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