#Shorts – Shih Tzu Dog Makeover 296

Shih Tzu Dog Grooming….🐶🐶🐶🐶Lmao the way the hair was flattened out while laying down being cut😂😂❤️Wow it’s amazing how the groomer cut the hair straight cut and a straight line and fast too. Girl you do an amazing job at what you do. The dog looks so relax and know a she/ he know a their are going to look and feel awesome when they are done. Kudos to the groomer for her excellence. Where are you located I would love to bring my doges. 👍🐶🥰I groom my myself but I keep everything short except where her head is because that’s where I put her bows at my dog is also very calm due to the fact she’s been getting groom since she was a pup I’ve had her going on 11 yrs these dogs are good companion.Your very talented at what you do much love ❣️❤️

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