Shelter Cat Chooses a Man And Gets His Attention For Adoption 251

This beautiful Siamese’s main objective was to find a forever loving home. She ended up in an adoption facility at Petsmart, where potential adopters kept showing up but this beautiful little kitten picked only one young man.I had a similar experience years ago. I went to the shelter to get a kitten. I had always adopted adult cats but at that time really wanted a kitten. Passing the cages an adult cat yelled at me and reached for me through the cage wire. I tried to look at a kitten in the cage beneath her and she kept grabbing my hair. Needless to say, I left the kitten and took the adult. When you’re chosen, you’re chosen. I had her for many years and she is still missed.This is exactly what happened when my beloved Tasha had CHOSEN me.She litterally came to me, as the other kittens ran away.Feline love never lie.She gave me 17 wonderful years.She passed away in 2012.Not a single day goes by without memories of her…The bond will never be broken.

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