Senior chihuahua was sad and obese. So this woman adopted him. 357

I’ve watched this a few times, and I still cry at the end. It’s a good cry, sad that he’s not here but good because you gave him the love he needed and deserved. He didn’t understand his previous owner died, he just knows she isn’t there anymore. How sweet it was to watch him thrive in your care.You’re a wonderful, sweet, kind human being. The vast majority of people wouldn’t even think about adopting an old and overweight chihuahua. But you did. He was probably depressed from losing his mom after so many years. You came along and gave him a second chance of living a beautiful life. You not only gave him a home, you also improved his physical and mental health health. You made his last three years of his life, heaven on earth. You are the best.To you were 3 years but to Shorty they were 21 years full of love, happiness and safety. Thank you for giving him a loving home.That was probably the best 3 years of his little life. So sorry you lost him. Could be just 3 years for you, but for him, it was his life… Thank you for giving him the chance to have all the love and care he deserves in his last years  Bless you for giving this sweet old man the retirement he deserved. Senior rescues are SO special, and so are those who take them in!

He probably had his best three years when he lived with you! Thank you for adopting that little pudge and helping him lose weight so he felt so much better and could actually go on walks with you. You were an angel for him! You did such a wonderful job getting him rehabilitated. The hypothyroidism diagnosis certainly assisted your journey. What a sweet a little chihuahua. You gave him a second chance and extended his life.  Thanks for adopting him and giving him lots of love and respect in his last years. Senior dogs are often passed by, it’s great that you took the time to save him from his weight gain and loneliness.Thank you, Carlie, for making Shorty’s last few years vibrant and full of love. I think you two were lucky to have had each other no matter how long or short the time. Life feels cruel if I think about how much better it would’ve been had Shorty had good family like you from the start. But that’s the case for all of us I think. We are just blessed to have the good ones we do end up sharing time with during our short time on earth. Bless you, Carlie. You made a world of difference for adorable little Shorty.

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