Savannah Kittens too cute 875

These are guaranteed High Quality registered F1 Savannah kittens.
They are very intelligent, profoundly loyal and excellent with other animals.
We help mom deliver her kittens and our babies are pet, held, and played with from the day they are born until they go to their new owners. This guarantees your kitten is well socialized and craves human interaction.
We start leash training at 8 weeks of age.
They can learn simple commands, like sit and shake. They will learn their name and words like food, walk, etc.
Health issues are not specific to the breed because it is a new breed that hasn’t been bred down through a series of domestication far into the gene pool so they have not developed diseases that most domestic cats have acquired. That means your kitty will live a long and healthy life!
Cats are the best pets and animals! Cats and kittens are so funny, they make us laugh and happy! They never fail to amuse us!

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