PROOF THAT CATS ARE THE BEST!!! – Cats That Like Hugs Compilation 204

There is nothing like the love of a cat. I think my cats have quite literally saved my life at times . Without them I think there were occasions in the past where I probably wouldn’t have been able to carry on . I’m sure there are many people out there who feel the same and can relate to this . They are a God given joy and a Blessing to those who will accept them into their lives . I just want to hug all these kitties, so darn cute!! Yes, cats are loving in their own way–unconditionally. I know from firsthand experience. Anyone who says they aren’t is narrow–minded and dislikes them.  Fofuras,não há amor maior e mais sincero do que o dos animais.humanos não conseguem amar assim I loved watching this! My kitty pats my face, head buts me, sleeps on my stomach, and drools all over me. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is! I love my cat!!!Cheers! ~Janet in Canada I’ve had a few huggers , but the sweetheart that “petted” my face is my all time favorite.Miss you, Missy.  My cat Sugar wakes me up every morning so I don’t need an alarm, I just love her so much  Amor, respeito e cuidados para esses seres maravilhosos  Brilliant … reminds me of so much of my many happy memories from my last cat 12 years ago. She was a great cat typical of what was shown here One of the best videos that I have seen! Cat’s DO LOVE HUGS and are very affectionate. They’ll let you know when they’re finished hugging and loving on you, NOT vice versa. My Cat Bella is very loving and affectionate and always gives me kisses, pats and holds my face with both paws looking straight into my eyes, my face and will just nuzzle me. Then either ends up with my lap asleep, or on my shoulder. But if I’m in bed, she will pull back on my comforter to let me know she’s ready to go to sleep. Will lay her head on my pillow and she’s gone night-night. I’m fond of dogs, but there’s just that soft/warm/comforting little Critters whose purrs are magically hypnotic and so soothing! Thanks for sharing this with us! 

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