Poor kitten was living his last moments on the roadside but no one came to help him! 503

I find it extremely difficult to understand why people could pass up any animal in distress, and offer no help.  Thank you for rescuing, an nursing Ben back to good health.  Wow, I’ll never understand the people that just walk or drive past and don’t try to help. Thank God someone did something, and thank God for you guys taking him to the vet and then home to make sure he recovered. This planet needs many more people like you!!!!!  It’s heartbreaking, I’m so glad he recovered and that there was a mother cat to nurse him. Great thanks to the heroes on this channel, you’re actions are extremely admirable. The world needs more people like you.  You and your family are truly angels by fostering these beautiful creatures. I believe you’re the one that helped Ben, by firstly taking him off the street straight to the vets. I’m so happy he is ok now with his new mamma… Thank you for all you do for these beautiful cats & kittens..  I hope you’ll post more updates about Ben and his new family. Thank you for looking after this sweet little guy. I started tearing up and hoped he would recover. Thank you for saving this precious baby. So happy that Ben has recovered thanks to your efforts! You have a very caring and gentle soul and it really brightens my day that the little boy in this video is also raised with compassion and love for animals! The world needs people who care!  It’s so heartbreaking to see such a cute little animal dying on the street and nobody on the street cares just walks by. I’m so grateful to see you guys do an extraordinary work on saving his life.  This was heartbreaking to watch at first. Nothing is more sadder than a baby kitten’s meow. Thank you for saving him off the streets. I don’t know why people are so cruel to animals Thank you for saving this very beautiful little kitten from death. I hope that he is happy, healthy and safe and truly is living the very best life possible. I do hope today he is alright. Peace & Blessings to you all for saving him along with so many others.

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