Poor kitten was found with my back leg all tangled and tied up in string 148

I rescued a tripod too who was abused….over 12 years later still with me…but still afraid…poor baby ….Donnie us soooo cute  Tiny little ginger is so cute and precious  he looks so active and playful  i am glad he’s adopt and have their forever family       Aww beautiful little Donnie, he doesn’t let anything let him down  how adorable with the zoomieswishing him a safe and happy long life with his loving family blessed you for saving this precious baby  I can find no words! How can one do this to a sweet, tiny animal? Such people make me feel so much hate, I’m getting scared of myself! I pray that someday they will pay for this! Donnie is so cute and beautiful! It’s so sad he lost his leg! That would have been totaly unessesary! God bless this poor creature and all the people who saved him and have him a living forever home!

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