Poor Golden Retriever Attacked by Kittens 7,788

This dog is a real sweetheart. How can anyone try to sleep with one licking him and the other biting his paw. And he doesn’t get angry he just changes positions. What a darling animal. Those two kittens are lucky they are dealing with him. The things Bailey puts up with!, One kitty nibbling his paws and the other still trying to milk him  Bailey is getting a massage, a pedicure and a bath. He’s in heaven! Love him! Great example of why I think golden retrievers are one of the best breeds for families. I had a golden/yellow lab mix that was like this. So mellow and easy going she could make you feel like you needed to be more like her, like she was always setting an example for the rest of us. How he cutely slept without worrying about the kittens. They are so adorable. He is letting the kittens do anything to him. Bailey siempre tan amoroso y paciente , por ahora sólo quiere descansar ….  , muchos cariños para ti hermoso Bailey desde Chile  Man I will need some extra Christmas presents for baby sitting these kitties! And lots of treats and food too! Bailey you are so good! Santa has you covered for Christmas for sure! Love from Gloria and Bear and my Heavenly crew from Tx and Heaven!  Bailey looks so adorable and tiresome just wanted 40 winks . Bailey needs too win a special award  for letting tiny kittens  full off cuteness playing while he was trying too snooze .All off you’re pets you have are all beautiful and amazing. He is the most adorable and tolerant dog of all time! No need to go to the groomer. One kitty washes while the other clips his nails  Guys, the Bailey was so sleepy that he didn’t even realize that the kitten just wanted to bite his nails… my God, he really is the “mother of patience”…!!! ⚘ pobre Bailey, se quiere echar una siestecia pero los Gatitos prefieren darle sus moriditas y masajito que Lindo, espero ver más videos de los perritos y los gatos, seria fabuloso! Saludos Had a similar situation where a kitten nursed the male dog. He allowed it, but he found it very strange. This relationship later graduated into fierce play fighting. They got along great!

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