Playful Golden Retriever Gets An Adorable Puppy Friend 233

The tiny cute puppy was a rescue, and growing up happy with his golden friend. 🤗 These cutest duo going to be best friends forever! 🐶✨ I’m crying tears from being so moved! It’s so sweet! What a beautiful start to a long lasting beautiful relationship! It’s so fun when your dog grows up with a great furry doggy friend! I also love it when the owners dog embraces a new family member with open arms! It reminds me that there is good in the world! Thank you so much for making these videos! Please keep making these videos forever. When I’m sad and I watch these I feel like the sadness goes away and I feel more motivated in life. And I also feel happy for the cute little critters! What are great video. Eating apples, slurping milk, playing chase–doggie heaven! I have an 11year old Golden and she is the sweetest and most fun dog we have ever owned. At her advanced age she till maintains a puppy-like quality. Goldens are smart, loyal, sweet and friendly. The two dogs in this video will be best friends forever. Thanks for sharing.

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