Pit Bull Starved on Heavy Chain all his Life! He Grabbed my Hand and Asked to Rescue Him 280

Poor little boy. This mixed pittie was surprinsingly friendly after all he must have gone through. Thank you lovely ladies for having saved and looked after him!! God bless you al This one broke me down..52 year old man in tears…Watching him eat for the first time was tough for me to see..but his treatment he received was tremendous! Thank you! In addition to the people, I have been so worried about the animals being affected by this war. I remember how awful it was for animals during the destruction of hurricane katrina….abandoned and starving pets everywhere. People weren’t allowed to be rescued with them or go to shelter with them. It is people like you who make all the difference! Deepest gratitude! The way he finished the food 2nd time around brought tears to my eyes. Hope this big baby gets the world of love he deserves This hurts my heart, I can’t believe that someone would be so careless with an animal, I’d rather “rescue” a dog from the animal shelter than to buy a puppy from a breeder any day This is what it means to be a human being, caring for others in the face of danger – stay safe  I cannot fathom leaving my furry family behind ever! Thank you for saving this sweet angel! I commend you for having courage, bravery and compassion to rescue Toby. His life began when you greeted him, and his sweet soul knew it! It’s impossible to imagine that he wasn’t aggressive or backlashing since he was treated so poorly! You guys are amazing! I wish I could take him, but I have a ferrel cat and she dislikes dogs barking at a distance. She would be homeless and scared if I brought him home. Too bad!It was so good to watch him have that meal and see the dirt wash away along with his pain and loneliness

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